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The creative group that produces City Girl Cooks, the CGC Group is a Story Agency specialized in developing turn-key digital campaigns for luxury food and fashion clients.

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Stories that sell are developed by professional writers guided by proven strategies. Our unique Bespoke client services sets us apart, offering curated experiences for discerning individuals. And with our nomadic agency structure, we attract and retain multi-generational talent that keeps us on the cutting edge of digital.

Why choose Us?

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We are motivated to create and are focused on results. And now with cloud-based technology, we can (we must!) do it anywhere.

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Copywriter & Content Creator
KRISTIN KNOX is a writer and author based in NYC. Previously known as the blogger behind the successful London-based site, "The Clothes Whisperer," Kristin has been creating commercial and editorial content for almost 10 years. Her experience includes contributions to InStyle UK, Glamour UK, Elle Canada, You Magazine of the Daily Mail, Glam US and UK, Shop Magazine, StyleSight, and the FT Weekend. She is also the author of Alexander McQueen: Genius of a Generation (2010) and Culture to Catwalk: How Wold Culture Influences Fashion (2011).


Journalist, influencer, and brand strategist, MELISSA LUPO has worked for top companies in food, fashion, and film. Her experience spans cities from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, Milan, Dubai, and Barcelona and includes international brands, studios, and celebrities like Dreamworks Animation, LucasFilm, Maserati, Frette, Furla, Illy Caffè, Campari, Rachel Zoe, Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake, and others. Melissa graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelors degree in Language Studies, two years study of International relations, and minor in Food and Culture.


Full Stack Developer
A full-stack programmer and UI designer, Thomas is a French national who holds a Masters degree in telecommunication and network engineering from ENSEEIHT in Toulouse, France. Having worked in a number of countries and emerging markets across Europe and Asia, his diverse skill set and ability to communicate sets him apart as a project manager and SAP technical and functional consultant. Unique to traditional tech developers, his background also includes software programming and sales making him highly adaptable and responsive to special requests and project needs across industries.


Production Supervisor
Working in the center of the rapidly growing Brazilian market of her home city, Rio de Janeiro, CAMILA SALLES spent four years working in fashion with Lilian Pacce, the top fashion journalist on GNT, part of Latin America’s biggest television company. After having worked as a stylist, and in television production, print, editorials and fashion PR, she is passionate about visual and written channels of communication. Camila graduated from IED in Milan, Italy where she now resides and works on food and fashion projects and social media in addition to her role as production coordinator and assistant to the Editor-in-chief at City Girl Cooks.

We have decades of combined experience creating brand stories for the largest luxury food and fashion clients in the world.


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Elite bespoke services and experiences for discerning clients.

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